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No love for the solo; late nights alone, city cruisin on the low low; adorned by the lights, illuminated by florescents; poppin pills to clear her mind, crashing hard.. she’s destined; arm out the window, feel the breeze kiss her skin; fire in her veins, but no beginning to the end; bending corners slow, going nowhere in hurry; heart beating fast, vision gettin kinda blurry; exhilarated by the high, the pleasures of a fiend; heartless in the night, the true essence of her being; cold sweats occur, chills ease down her spine; smile across her face, phantom tears in her eyes; she’s a loner now, knowing love will never come; traces of the lies still linger on her tongue; not enough to cherish, forever bound by the lust; a deep sigh of sorrow, solitude is a must.

By Me

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Hello there!
Just wanted to share this photos I took in Tokyo during my holidays last week. Being at the 52 floor of the Roppongi Hills skyscraper was an  experience completely out of this world. I actually got to see Fuji mountain which is awesome because not everyday the sky is so clear and with it I also got to see one of the best sunsets in my entire life. The contrast of the bright lights and the dark blue sky made it such a nice view. The whole scene reminded me so much of the last scene in the movie Babel (which I by the way love so much) and for some reason it made me so nostalgic.

I sat there in front of all those lights and buildings wondering how many people could possibly be there and how their lives could be. Their dreams, their hopes, their goals. I became kind of emotional at some point but it was fine because I felt incredibly peaceful afterwards. I was in peace with myself, with the world and content with my life. It helped me to think that no matter how much we go through, we are still just one of those millions of people out there who go through the same or even worse things and that we are all part of the same multitude. Our lives might seem very insignificant sometimes, like a dim light, but when we come together we shine so bright and become so beautiful. Together.

Hope you guys liked this post and that you leave a comment about the photos or anything really :) See ya soon <3


With every tear a piece of my heart left with it; it’s only fitting I’m cold as ice with no intentions; no cares, shrugged shoulders and not to mention; fake smiles, a made up world I’m forced to live in; lack of affection has dulled my senses and charred my soul; like Rose Royce all love is gone, nobody’s home; suspended in time, pieces of me float in space; jagged edges, a cracked surface, can’t be replaced; so gone now, with a deep breath the air escapes; I’m sleep now, that kiss of love my lips await; to wake me, to warm me, to heal me; to shake me, to move me; to seal me; no more floating pieces from a broken heart; I’m completed, that love was needed, my hunger fed; no longer starving, I’m full, my soul satisfied; biggest smile, my heart shines, I’m down to ride.