a city girl in love with lights. natural hair advocate with her own style.
Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/


No love for the solo; late nights alone, city cruisin on the low low; adorned by the lights, illuminated by florescents; poppin pills to clear her mind, crashing hard.. she’s destined; arm out the window, feel the breeze kiss her skin; fire in her veins, but no beginning to the end; bending corners slow, going nowhere in hurry; heart beating fast, vision gettin kinda blurry; exhilarated by the high, the pleasures of a fiend; heartless in the night, the true essence of her being; cold sweats occur, chills ease down her spine; smile across her face, phantom tears in her eyes; she’s a loner now, knowing love will never come; traces of the lies still linger on her tongue; not enough to cherish, forever bound by the lust; a deep sigh of sorrow, solitude is a must.

By Me