a city girl in love with lights. natural hair advocate with her own style.
Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/


With every tear a piece of my heart left with it; it’s only fitting I’m cold as ice with no intentions; no cares, shrugged shoulders and not to mention; fake smiles, a made up world I’m forced to live in; lack of affection has dulled my senses and charred my soul; like Rose Royce all love is gone, nobody’s home; suspended in time, pieces of me float in space; jagged edges, a cracked surface, can’t be replaced; so gone now, with a deep breath the air escapes; I’m sleep now, that kiss of love my lips await; to wake me, to warm me, to heal me; to shake me, to move me; to seal me; no more floating pieces from a broken heart; I’m completed, that love was needed, my hunger fed; no longer starving, I’m full, my soul satisfied; biggest smile, my heart shines, I’m down to ride.